At Buffalo Springs Animal Hospital we believe in providing the most advanced tools to ensure the health of your loved one.

We can perform endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures on your pet if needed. This service, which is available at only a few veterinary hospitals, is one of the most advanced tools in veterinary medicine and allows us to provide superior care to your pets. Endoscopy is the use of a long, flexible tube that has a video camera to evaluate the gastrointestinal tract. With this equipment, we can take biopsies and/or remove foreign objects from the stomach or intestinal tract, Laparoscopy also uses a camera, but it is mounted on a rigid instrument that allows procedures to be performed inside the body less invasively than surgery.

Endoscopic techniques can be used to facilitate a wide variety of veterinary treatments. Bronchoscopy is the technique that is used to examine the respiratory tract, remove foreign objects, and to detect and sample lesions or tumors. Cystoscopy allows treatment of the bladder, while gastrointestinal endoscopy addresses issues in the stomach and intestines. Laparoscopy allows the vet to view abdominal organs, and otoscopy allows examination of the ear canal, and middle ear (and is one of the most common procedures in veterinary medicine). Rhinoscopy is a technique for exploring and treating the nose and throat, and vaginoscopy is used to treat vaginal issues, as well as to enhance animal husbandry techniques. This equipment can also be used to aid in less invasive surgeries such as laparoscopic spays and gastropexy (attaching the stomach to the belly wall to prevent rotation of the stomach.

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